Precious metal guides


The purest and most precious metal; it is also the hardest wearing and therefore the longest lasting.

Platinum jewellery will contain the hallmark 950, which means it is 95% pure.

18ct white gold

Not as hard as platinum, nor as expensive, 18ct white gold is a great choice for those who prefer a white metal for their jewellery. 18ct white gold is actually yellow gold containing silver, zinc or palladium as its alloy.

Shona prefers the natural grey appearance of the metal, but most high street jewellers rhodium plate the 18ct white gold to improve its appearance, taking it to a whiter smokier lustre.

18ct yellow gold

75% pure (hallmarked as 750), 18ct yellow gold has warm and golden hues.

Yellow Gold’s opulent colour makes it the traditional choice for wedding rings.

Sterling Silver

Silver is a beautiful material, yet it is also very affordable.

Silver is the softest precious metal in the world, softer than both gold or platinum, and is generally not suitable for wedding rings or setting precious stones.

Options for finishes

Matt finish

On 18ct white gold and platinum, this finish gives a solid grey appearance.

Polished finish

This provides a shine to the metal.

Rhodium plated 

This is for 18ct white gold. (Over time, the rhodium plate will wear off, so you may have to get it re-plated.)