An Introduction to Commissions

I regularly undertake commissions and enjoy working closely with clients, discussing their ideas and incorporating them into my designs.

Please note: although Shona is sometimes able to work with clients who are providing their own heirloom gemstones, she is unable to undertake commssions where the client wants to re-use existing precious metal for remodeling.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a jeweller is the moment when the customer views the finished piece, having been involved in its original conception.

Many people now prefer a uniquely handcrafted piece of jewellery to a mass produced item from the high street and you can be assured of the highest levels of craftsmanship, excellence in design and value for money, regardless of your budget.

A client may have specific requirements and I am happy to give a full consultation so that the feasibility of the project can be determined. If you are open to a range of possiblities then the inspiration for the design can come from the client's individual style or personality.

Last year one of my customers was an architect and he was very specific because of his own design background. Another situation involved a stylish young couple who were willing to let me pursue an innovative new design. 

Most importantly, I must consider the status of the piece as most of my commissions are rings to mark special events:

Wedding Rings

Designing a wedding ring is different from any other jewellery design as the ring will be worn for life and is designed individually for the client. The challenge is designing a piece that is both classic, as people have their own preconceptions of wedding rings, and producing something individual that reflects my personal touch. Great care is taken during the process as I am creating the symbol of a couple's wish to remain together forever.

At Shona Jewellery, we celebrate all love and welcome same-sex couples in their celebration of union. Choose a design from my collection, or ask for me to create a ring that is unique for you.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a visual announcement to your friends and family that your relationship is about to be joined in marriage and traditionally uses a stone to reflect this. The size of stone varies greatly depending on your budget and I am happy to give advice on the best way to proceed. A modern trend is for couples to add a stone to the band of their wedding rings and this offers a new style of ring within a single budget.

Other Commissions

You may also approach me for other commissioned work. For example, special cufflinks for a social event or a piece of bespoke jewellery to reflect a birth or an anniversary.

Although rings are the most common form of commissions, I recently made a gold circle necklace for a significant birthday and a bracelet to match a client's favourite piece of jewellery. Examples of recent commissions can be seen below.

The Commissioning Process

First of all, it is best to email myself with your initial requirements. I will then guide you through the selection process and help you select the elements for your individual piece of jewellery. 

If you are in or near to the Glasgow area, it is preferable that you visit my studio by appointment so that I can take an accurate sizing.

If you live further away and it is not possible to obtain a personal consultation, simply visit a local jewellers and get your ring finger sized. This may cost a nominal fee but it is critically important to the process, ensuring my work does not get delayed or overrun in costs. Please view my Ring Sizing Guide for more information

If you are getting a ring with stones set in it, I may send the piece out for sizing before the final process of setting the stone. This gives both myself and you the client peace of mind that the handcrafted item fits properly.

Please visit my Precious Metals Guide to view your options for your handcrafted individual piece.


A huge thank you for the ring and the effort you went to get the diamonds and getting the design right! It's now been a week on my finger and I am very very happy! Can't stop looking at the sparkle!! - Georgina, Glasgow

Have received the pendant this morning. It is a 40th present for my daughter. She has had things from you before and I'm sure she will be thrilled with this. Thank you. - Eileen, Holmfirth

Rings arrived yesterday and just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and work, they are more than we expected and Cheryl thinks that hers is perfect. Once again I want to thank you very, very much for your time, patience and thorough professionalism regarding your personal help and most of all your work. - Dave and Cheryl, Chester

Next steps

If you are interested in commissioning Shona, do not hesitate to get in touch.